Kantipur Vet

A Brief Description

One of the leading veterinary distributors, Kantivet has dedicated itself on enhancing animal/poultry health of Nepal since 2001. Our strong network has enabled us to import every kind of animal and poultry medicines, vaccines, feed additive along with veterinary instruments, feeders and drinkers. Our chief concern is to prevent diseases of the animals/poultry rather than curing them.



Poultry farming is one of the fastest growing agro-based industry of Nepal but poultry are vulnerable to lots of diseases. We have researched all the medical challenges of poultry in Nepal and have imported varieties of medical products that will help to enhance the health of poultry to make poultry farming more fruitful.


Commercially these days cattle farming is also seen as the thriving occupation. Encouraging the scientific procedure, we have varieties of the products those help to prevent the possible medical challenges for the cattle.


Creating a natural environment in an artificial pond is one of the challenge for the farmers for fish farming. Lots of fishes die failing to cope with the new environment. Our specialized network has researched lots of health issue and possible medical solution to them. Right now we have imported varieties of them and we are ready to serve any part of Nepal to enhance fish farming.

Pet Animal

Pets are our close friends. It sure is heartbreaking to see them suffering from diseases or to see them dying. In our depository we have lots of advanced medicines, diets, medical equipment that prevent those poor fellow to suffer unnecessarily. Our network is every time ready to provide all the equipment necessary for the better health of our pets.



I have always found Kantivet upto date with international veterinary medical standard. Their networked service throughout the country is also one of the commendable aspect of Kantivet. I hope for continuous support from Kantivet.

Manager, Adhikari Vets, Achyut Adhikari

I appreciate the economic but effective products and services of Kantivet unit. Thank you

Retailer, National vets , Anamika Tiwari