Dalguban N Plus live Vaccine


It conatins Newcastle disease virus (KBNP-C4152R2L starin).


For vaccination of healthy chickens,as an aid in the preventing Newcastle disease.

Dosage and Administration

Vaccinate chicks at one-day old an dbooster at 14-days old using any of the spray and drinking water method.Intraocular inoculation of administration.

Donot ope and mix the vaccine until ready to begin vaccination.Use vaccine immediately after mixing .


Store at 2 to 8°C and protect from light.


Withdrawal period: Nil

Discontinue use of any disinfectants 24 hours before and after vaccination.

Vaccinate only healthy chickens.

Temporary reducing on feed intake volumne may be brought up in chicks after vaccination but to be recovered soon

Newcastle virus can cause infammation of the eyelids in humans,lasting two or three days.The user should avoid contaminating his hands,eyes and clothing with this vaccine.Burn empty bottles and unused vaccine and accessories.

The application of IB or ILT live vaccine, either singly or in combination should be avoided for 1-2 weeks after the application of this vaccine.

Keep out of the children.Use by veterinarinan's instruction, and veterinary use only.



2,000 doses (10 ml)