Nurtitional value for each 20 g:

  • Calcium-5500 mg. Phosphorus-850 mg,Vitamin D3-16000 IU
  • Fortified with herbal extracts for better absorption of available calcium


  • Saving: No need to pay for ncan and water
  • Fresh & tasty: Releases fresh flavour immediately in contact with water
  • Highest Calcium Content:57% more calcium than any other liquid calcium supplement
  • Convnience: Easy to carry & required less storage space


20 g powder per animal per day

Option 1:20 gm powder to be added with 100 ml water

Option 2: 20 gm powder can be directly added to liquid feed 1 kg of INNOCAL is equivalent to 5 liter of liquid calcium 

Note: Please ensure that INNOCAL should come in caontact with water for better flavor