Topicure Plus Spray/Gel

The nect generation herbal aerosol spray & gel for comprehensive  Topical Cure

Features & Benefits

  • Topicure plus Spray/Gel helps in faster wound healing with excellent fly repellent &  maggot killing property.
  • Topicure Plus Spray/Gel is effective in all kind of wound including Foot & Mouth Disease (FMD)foot lesions,foot-rot,surgicsl wounds, wounds due to shearing in sheep, dermatomycosis etc.
  • Topicure Plus Spray/Gel possesses better spreadablility & deeper penetration into wounds thereby helpful in deep seated & wide spread wounds.


  • Fly repellent 
  • Maggoted wounds
  • Dermatomycosis
  • Foot lesions of FMD & Foot rot
  • All type of wounds (Spetic/Aseptic)
  • Deep penetrated & wide spread wounds


75 ml / 250 ml aerosol spray can.

50 grams collapsible tube.