Wisprec Spray/Cream


  • In clinical Mastitis
  • Prevent & treat sore udder and teat cracks
  • To reduce udder inflammationas and pain
  • To prevetn cross infections and recurrence.
  • To minimize the bacterial load on udder.

Features & Benefits

  • Oleaginous base helps in increased number of sprays per can & provides uniform consistency.
  • Longer duration of action as spray lasts and acts long.
  • Potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous activity effectively reduces pain & swelling.
  • Superior transdermal absorption provides instant relife and quick onset of action.
  • local anaesthetic action facilitates easy stripping of milk from painful udder
  • helps in faster recovery and restoration of milk yield thereby reduces treatment cost and better economic returns to farmers.
  • Emollient action helps in prevention and treatment of sore udder and teat cracks


  • Marvelous Phytochemical formulation for Mastits Topical Application
  • Anti-inflammatory & Antiseptic Cream & Spray


100ml & 200ml vertical aerosol spray can

25 grams collapsible tube