KTX Premix


Each kg contains:

Tylosin Phosphate 100 g as advice.


KTX Premix is a macrolide antibiotic with broad spectrum of activity againstGram-positive and limited range for Gram-negative organisms.KTX Premix has strong antimycoplasma action therefore is a first choice for the prevention and treatment of CRD in poultry.


  • Prevention of respiratory diseases,CRD and ileitis.
  • Prevention of stress and strengthening of resistance of disease.
  • For increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficency 
  • For increase in egg production and egg quality.
  • Increased Hatchaility.


  • Layers: 500 gm per ton of feed from point of lay to 42th week and 200 gm per ton of feed afterwards.
  • Broiler: 200 gm per ton of feed.
  • Breeder: 500 gm per ton of feed from point of lay.


1 kg