Each liter contains:

Toltrazuril - 25 gms


  • Highly effective and broad spectrum anti coccidial activity.
  • No adverse effect.
  • Rapid action and shorter duration of treatment.
  • Successful support of prophylatic program 
  • Compatible with all feed addictives and feed medicament.
  • No adverse infuence on feed and water intake.
  • No negative effect on weight development and feed conversion.
  • No interference with the development of a natural immunity.


  • Tolcoxin is effective against clinical outbreak of coccidiosis and controls all important Elimeria species in poultry
  • Tolcoxin as a Metaphylactic tratment to prevent the appearances of sub clinical
  • coccidiosis

Dosage and administration

  • 1 ml of Tolcoxin per 1 ltr of drinking water for 2 consecutive days which can be repeated after 5 days in server infection.
  • This corresponds to a dose of 7 mg of Tolcoxin per kg body weight per day for 2 consecutive days 


500 ml and 1 liter